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Robert Wonser's Sociology Page
Welcome to the website of Robert Wonser, Professor of Sociology at College of the Canyons, Pierce College, Moorpark College, Antelope Valley College, California State University, Northridge and California Lutheran University.  Here you'll find all of the resources for my sociology classes and various other interesting things.  Enjoy.

Feel free to follow me on twitter. I am usually tweeting and retweeting sociological stuff and readings. My username is @rgwonser

"Sociology's misfortune is that it discovers the arbitrary and the contingent where we like to see necessity, or nature ... and that it discovers necessity, social constraints, where we would like to see choice and free will."  - Pierre Bourdieu

Spring 2014 Schedule:

College of the Canyons:
SOCI-101-95354 Intro to Soc  TTH 09:30AM  - 10:50AM    CCC 505 
SOCI-207-95350 Social Problems  TTH 11:00AM  - 12:20PM    CCC 505
SOCI-210-95356 Deviance, Crime/Social Control  TTH 12:30PM - 01:50PM  CCC 505

Pierce College:
SOC 1  -  0631 Intro to Sociology 12:45PM - 02:10PM Mon / Wed
SOC 1   - 0763 Intro to Sociology 02:15PM - 03:40PM Mon / Wed
SOC 21 - 3371   Human Sexuality 03:45PM - 06:55PM Wednesday

Moorpark College:
SOC M15 - 30891
Intro to Criminology 09:00AM - 11:50AM Friday

California Lutheran University
SOC 1 - 41605 Intro to Sociology 04:05PM - 05:45PM Tues / Thurs

Antelope Valley College
SOC 101 - 35493 - Intro to Sociology 09:30 - 10:50 AM Mon / Wed
SOC 110 - 34356 -  Ethnic Relations 08:00 - 9:20 AM Mon / Wed

California State University, Northridge
SOC 368    - 11763 -  Sociological Theory 1 10:00AM - 12:45PM Saturday
SOC 368S  - 11803 -  Seminar in Sociological Theory 01:00PM - 02:40PM Saturday

Hookups and Technology - Panel discussion on CSUN's "On Point" show.